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United States

A multi cloud consulting team specializing in technology strategy, implementation, and optimization services

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Our US Team

The Sela US team has been a trusted multi cloud consulting partner for close to a decade and specializes in technology strategy, implementation, and optimization services. Our world-class team is comprised of network architects, cloud architects, software developers, and security engineers with significant real-world experience. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of cloud technologies and best practices, serving as the trusted advisor of clients in a range of highly-regulated industries. As a remote-first team, we also believe in a strong emphasis on team culture, mentorship, and a growth-oriented mindset. Check out our careers page if you are interested in joining the US team!, the Virginia branch of Sela US, emerged as a pioneering leader in webcasting solutions and since then has joined forces with Sela to amplify its commitment to cutting-edge cloud technologies.