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Investing is a financial markets platform providing real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news, and analysis across 250 exchanges in 44 language editions. With more than 46 million monthly users and over 400 million sessions, is one of the top three global financial websites.

Industry: Financial Services
Primary project location: Israel

As partners, we analyzed the current architecture and challenges faced by Investing. We then came up with the design for a hybrid cross-region infrastructure setup. We then helped create an implementation plan and assisted in the implementation and testing phase.

The challenge

The previous environment was hosted on three local data centers across regions, and scaling the application effectively was problematic. Adding new hardware on demand was not easy. The inability to scale at peak hours caused an awful user experience. Due to regulatory concerns and since investment in data centers was made, Investing wanted to use a
hybrid mode, which created additional challenges.

The solution

The solution involved creating a hybrid setup using interconnect with local data centers and data centers in Google Cloud. For databases, due to regulatory reasons, the master servers continue to run in local data
centers, and replicas were created on google cloud. Google Cloud Interconnect was used to make sure there were no latency issues. Google Kubernetes Engine was also used to manage to scale efficiently by using auto-scaling to add more nodes as required.

The results

After the solution was implemented, the scaling problem was solved effectively. The hybrid solution with interconnect and database replicas ensured no latency issues were encountered. The use of google cloud resulted in costs being kept under control since scaling could be done on demand.