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We empower companies to best leverage their clouds with tailored managed services, skilling, consulting, and empowering 360° support

Why We’re Here

Cloud done well can be any company’s competitive advantage.

Cloud done poorly can be any company’s downfall.

The cloud created new competitive paradigms for service, speed, cost and more. This is why cloud done well can be any company’s competitive advantage, and cloud done poorly can be any company’s downfall.

Cloud also brought great challenges beyond any company’s core competency - with dynamic complex devops, secops and finops.

Sela deeply understands clouds to best leverage how they behave, interact and integrate, continuously skilling cloud talent for our clients and inside our client teams, empowering companies with agile, tailored, unbiased multi-cloud services and skilling, to cloud better and win.

What We Do Best

Managed Services

Cloud(s) Skilling

360 Support

Sela Understands Clouds… Deeply

The cloud is a complex character. In fact, several complex characters. Continuously changing, growing, adapting. Interacting. Communicating.

It – they - can be volatile and unpredictable. They can be influenced by factors beyond their initial intention. They can be influenced by each other. Just like people and communities.

Some clouds are good for some purposes, and others for others. Just like people.

We understand their advantages and limitations, and how to work with them.

We appreciate them and their incredible magical strengths. And understand their limitations.

We build, nurture, optimize clouds and hold them accountable. So you don’t need to.

Our Team & Services
Represent Our


Customer driven

unbiased solutions, priorities & 360 support


consulting, skilling, managed services & support


trusted advisors with knowledge-sharing DNA


pace & adaptability


cloud economics & accountability

Sounds good? Join us!

What Clients Say

Decades of Pride & Legacy in Our New Brand

Sela has pioneered technology industries for decades, always seeing and filling the next need.

We continue to capitalize on this legacy where the industry needs us most – enabling the companies building our future to focus on their magic, knowing that we got their cloud.

Our new brand conveys our customer-centric commitment to provide the agile, tailored, solutions that best leverage cloud technologies to achieve every customers’ unique business goals.

We are here to bring unbiased, innovative multi-cloud services, and to empower our customers and the industry at large with cloud-skilled who will enable companies to best leverage their cloud(s) to grow, improve and win in their markets.

Cloud better with Sela.