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Your success manager is dedicated to your performance, optimization, multi-vendor relations, and 24/7 support.


Customer Success

From onboarding and during the full cycle of your journey as our cloud customer, you will be assigned a customer success person to serve as your one focal point in the organization, and take care of all your needs.

Managed Account

You’re never alone to manage your cloud accounts again. We help to create and then manage all definitions, user management and accessibility with your own customer portal where you will have a single transparent view for all your multi-cloud account needs.

Multi-Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor relationships are complex. Each vendor is structured differently with their own programs, functions, policy and support needs. We serve as your representative with the vendor so your needs are always taken care of, and to ensure that you get the most out of your clouds.

Cloud Support

We provide 24/7 cloud support to solve any cloud-related issues within a given SLA. We provide basic tier (free) support for all customers, with a range of broader support service tiers to suit each client’s needs & team.

Workload Optimization

A critical aspect of cloud economics, we provide workload optimization support as part of our core service at no extra charge. We help every client technically review their workloads and provide optimization recommendations that can reduce your costs while keeping your optimal quality of service.

Architecture Review

Our Cloud Architects provide a periodic review of your architecture to make sure that your solution is using the current best practices both technologically and for security.

Tailored Skilling Programs

Our skilling experts will analyze your team's skilling needs with you and provide suggested skilling programs. We provide an extensive range of on-site tailored Skilling for our clients. In addition, as a cloud customer, you will enjoy discounts and credits for Sela Skilling in Sela public courses and conferences.

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