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Welcome to the Pension Clearinghouse

The only company in Israel licensed by the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority to establish and operate a "central pension clearing system. A system connected to all insurance companies, pension funds, provident funds, and provident funds, through which pension savers can easily receive a complete pension picture: in which institutions and in which accounts/policies I have money, the amount of money accumulated in different savings, my deposits, coverage for death and disability, forecast for retirement age and more.


Swiftness, faced several challenges in managing their IT infrastructure and data. These challenges included:

  • Ensuring secure data backups: Swiftness needed a reliable and secure solution to back up their critical pension system data. With the regulation of the data location (Israel)
  • Improving data quality: The company wanted to leverage AI to identify and address data quality issues in the information they received from institutional bodies.
  • Migrating to the Google Cloud: Swiftness aimed to migrate their core system to the Google Cloud to enhance scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.



Sela, a Google Cloud MSP, partnered with Swiftness to address these challenges and deliver a comprehensive solution.

The collaboration encompassed the following key aspects:

  • Cloud-based data backup: Sela experts worked closely with Swiftness' IT team to implement a secure and scalable cloud-based backup solution on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) , region Tel Aviv . This ensured reliable data protection and simplified backup management.
  • AI-powered data quality enhancement: Sela utilized Google Cloud AI and machine learning techniques to develop a proof-of-concept (POC) system for identifying and addressing data quality issues. This POC demonstrated the potential of AI to significantly improve data accuracy and consistency.
  • Cloud migration strategy and roadmap: Sela collaborated with Swiftness to develop a detailed cloud migration architecture, strategy and roadmap. This involved assessing the current IT infrastructure, current SW architecture , business and technology pains and needs, defining migration goals, and outlining a phased migration plan.
  • Sela also provided ongoing support and expertise throughout the migration process.