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Dittofi - No-code Application Development Platform

No-code Application Development Platform DevOps Modernization

The Challenge

Dittofi's existing infrastructure could no longer scale to meet demand and was very difficult to support for existing clients.

The Solution

Sela used modern DevOps principals to design a secure, cloud-native infrastructure that would scale to meet demand.

An effective hybrid-tenant architecture that spans over multiple accounts and utilizes managed services was designed to support the platform and efficiently serve hundreds of low-code applications while maintaining a high level of isolation and cost-effective resource allocation for each tenant.

Cloud infrastructure was deployed and maintained as code using Terraform and Pulumi, while version control was managed through GitHub.

Each tenant application is deployed to Dittofi's hosting platform with a set of logically, and sometimes physically dedicated resources and components to isolate tenant applications to prevent resource contention issues and enable per-application autoscaling.

Tenant applications were provisioned with a tenant-specific database and database user in RDS, along with a user for Redis with a set of privileges that allow access to a tenant-specific key prefix. They are also provisioned an ECS service to serve the backend as well as send custom metrics to CloudWatch. The assets are stored in S3 and served by their CloudFront distribution with multiple origins, CloudFront Functions, DNS records, and an optional ACM certificate for custom domain names.

Physical and logical components were created using a serverless control plane in the form of step functions that are made up of Lambda’s, ECS tasks, EventBridge events, and more.