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Stock Gro

StockGro is India’s first and largest ‘Social Investment platform aimed at helping you master the art of “Trading & Investment.” Trade, Invest, and get rewarded to Learn everything about ‘Investments’ in a fun-filled way. You can easily experiment with live price movements of equity markets, and that too Risk-Free.

Industry: Education
Primary project location: India

Assetgro: Skyrocketing their gamified social
investment platform
Sela helped customers modernize their applications using GKE on Google Cloud, considering security, high performance, cost, and maximum efficiency. SELA assisted in enhancing its architecture by migrating to managed services.

The challenge

The customer faced performance and cost issues for the applications
running on GCP infrastructure. Having a high performance, low
latency, secured and cost effective infrastructure environment was the
primary challenge. Usage of self managed services was consuming
more time and effort in managing the service rather than focusing on
the product development.

The solution

SELA helped in migrating and optimizing their infrastructure architecture to achieve high performance and cost optimization using GKE on Google Cloud. We architected their GKE setup to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of cost and performance. We ensured all the best practices related to security were applied from the start. We helped them migrate to managed services & set up monitoring & alert.

The results

After the redesign and optimization, the overall efficiency of the application and infrastructure usage has increased. Optimizing the GKE setup increased the application performance and brought substantial cost savings. Migrating to managed services helped in focusing more and product development. Applying best practices ensures high availability, cloud security, and pro-active monitoring.