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We partner with Google to Extend your teams.

As a MSP premier partner of Google Cloud, we aim to extend our customers' teams as mentors, troubleshooters or by offering 24/7. From assessment through migration to optimization, our experts make our customers’ cloud journey smarter, faster and simpler.



Google Cloud Platform Managed Services

Cloud management is time-consuming and requires professional expertise & resources. Here is where Sela, a Managed Services provider, comes into play. 

As a Managed Services company, Sela offers to migrate and modernize your infrastructure and applications to the Google Cloud Platform and provide ongoing managed services. The Managed Services on GCP environments include continuing maintenance, optimization, configure for your business.

Once we manage these services, it gives your cloud and IT departments the freedom to focus on the more essential projects and missions with the confidence that your cloud infrastructure is under our experts' supervision. 

Sela's experts use Google cloud best practices to maximize the value of our managed services. In addition, we provide Google Cloud workspace, FinOps solutions & reviews, and managed services to keep your company at the forefront of Cloud Innovation.

Provisioning, de-provisioning, identity management, security & compliance management, monitoring (alerting and reporting), performance testing, training, optimization, FinOps, DB management, etc.



Our Solutions

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Over the years, we have helped our customers to migrate complex and large workloads to Google Cloud using best practices and tools, overcoming every challenge along the journey. Working with diverse customers has helped us build solid practices and processes using Google Cloud services and tools.


Well defined processes

The wealth of experience and strong technical expertise has helped us ensure that our customers’ workloads on Google Cloud run smoothly and well optimized. Well-defined processes for cloud infrastructure management and expertise in services such as Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Security Command Center and Google Cloud Operations have helped our customers build strong infrastructure foundations that are easy to scale and maintain.

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