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Cloud Migration

Cloud migration allows companies to move their digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications partially or wholly into the cloud. Cloud migration allows for moving from one cloud to another.

Companies that want to benefit from the benefits of the cloud are increasingly moving on from outdated and inefficient legacy infrastructures, like aging servers or unreliable firewall appliances, and abandoning hardware or software solutions that are no longer optimal.

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Migrate and Modernize Your Workloads

Migrating to the cloud can unlock huge value for your organization. But embarking on the journey without the necessary skillset can result in fragmented infrastructure, operational stagnation, and a dysfunctional technology organization. Our team has deep experience navigating the procedural, organizational, and technical challenges surrounding successful cloud migrations.


Migrate to the Cloud

Comprehensive Expertise

Our team offers a comprehensive range of expertise that spans from hardware to distributed cloud-native software and applications. We have a deep understanding of physical, hybrid-cloud, and cloud networks. Our experience extends to both legacy enterprise software methodologies and tooling as well as modern cutting-edge methodologies and tooling. We bring automation expertise to every migration, and our approach is built around infrastructure-as-code, system observability, and simplifying engineering operations across your teams.Read More

A Focus on Simplicity

We believe that complexity endangers any cloud migration. We, therefore, propose architectures are simple and adhere to well-defined industry best practices rather than re-inventing the wheel. Scoping migrations in phases and breaking down systems into workloads enables you to ensure that you attain incremental success along the way. Sometimes complexity is unavoidable, but we make it our mission to reduce complexity and unknowns as much as possible during migration preparation.Read More

Container Platforms

While we are comfortable with rehosting software in the cloud with physical- to-virtual or virtual-to-virtual lift-and-shifts, we prefer to containerize applications where possible and deploy them to cloud-native container platforms to simplify operations. Our team has deep expertise with cloud- container platforms like AWS's EKS and ECS, GCP's GKE, and Azure's AKS. We understand the complexities of deploying and managing containerized applications at scale, and we can help you develop and implement container strategies that meet your specific business needs.Read More

Team Collaboration and Support

We make a point of understanding your teams' needs and your organization's bottlenecks and are committed to ensuring your engineers will be able to operate migrated cloud environments. We will often embed engineers across your organization to this effect. As we learn about your organization, we adapt to your specific needs and goals. When you are looking to replace legacy components, we can also help you refactor these to support cloud-native patterns.Read More

Security-First Approach

Our team is laser-focused on security and can help remediate technical aspects of FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC-2, and other compliance frameworks. Our security- first approach involves deep collaboration with your security team to ensure that all security requirements are met.Read More

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