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What is Finops?

FinOps, short for "Finance and DevOps," is a cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that enables organizations to optimize their spending by fostering collaboration between engineering, finance, technology, and business teams. It is a way for teams to manage their cloud costs, with everyone taking ownership of their usage and supported by a central best-practices group.

Cloud Armor - a cloud security overview

Google Cloud Armor is meant to protect against DDoS attacks in the era of cloud-based services. However, since it’s a built-in security framework with general settings, it requires adjusting rules specific to the client's needs to provide sufficient protection. The existing solutions are either a manual change in WAF rules, using external add-ons or using the native protection from Google, which includes forming Adaptive rules for threat recognition and Managed solutions if the attack blocking fails. Together, this turns Google Cloud Armor into a more efficient form of protection without unnecessary traffic loss.

Measuring AI System Effectiveness

What are we trying to measure when we think about evaluating intelligence? To couch it in human terms, it would be to assess the overall ability to think, reason, and make rational decisions.

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Cloud Explained

What is FinOps?🤔 How does it affect a company's ability to function efficiently? What does FinOps do for an organization, and what happens if there are no FinOps people in the organization?

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Configure JIT access using Defender for cloud

Defender for cloud provides us with a centralized view of the Azure resources and their security status.

Azure Data Explorer deep dive webinar

Learn and discover a portfolio of AI services designed for developers and data scientists.