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ThetaRay is the developer of SONAR, a groundbreaking, AI-powered transaction monitoring SaaS solution for cross-border payments that allows banks to expand their business
opportunities by achieving safe and reliable cross-border payment monitoring.

Analysis of the current architecture and challenges. Coming up with solutions for containerization and automated deployments to address cost challenges, creating an implementation plan, and providing assistance during implementation and testing.

The challenge

They faced a high cost of running their applications on virtual instances. The infrastructure creation process was manual and caused cost overruns. The first challenge was optimizing the cost. The second was centralizing and streamlining the infrastructure creation and removal process. The third was modernizing the application and infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

The solution

The recommendation was to modernize their application and infrastructure. The use of GKE, along with preemptible VMs, helped the application scale when required while also keeping the costs low. For multiple deployments, automation was necessary. For this, Jenkins was deployed in a separate Kubernetes cluster. Infrastructure creation and
scheduled stopping of servers was also implemented.

The results

After the solution was implemented, the infrastructure management became very streamlined. Automated deployments helped the efficient working of the team. Using preemptible VMs ensured cost was reduced. As a result of this exercise, the application was also containerized and overall efficiency in terms of scalability increased.