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Unleash the Power of AI with Google Cloud and Sela




Unleash the Power of AI: Your Company's Cloud Transformation Journey with Google Cloud & Sela


Google Cloud and Sela invite you to an exclusive 5-session program (March 2024, Google Cloud offices).

This limited-seat event equips senior R&D, DevOps, Development, and Technology leaders like you with the cutting-edge AI tools and expertise.

to Modernize legacy systems for agility and seamlessly adopt industry-leading AI, Gen AI, and ML technologies.


Unlock Unprecedented Power:


AI-Centric Transformation: Go beyond basic cloud migration. This program focuses on AI integration and application, modernizing legacy systems and unlocking transformative potential.

Expert-Led Masterclass: Learn from Google Cloud's leading AI specialists, gaining direct access to exclusive knowledge, tools, and support you won't find anywhere else.

Measurable ROI: Drive significant business value through strategic guidance and practical implementation that puts AI to work for your organization.


Targeted :


VP R&D,VP DevOps, Director of Development, CTO, Chief Architect, Dev Hands-on (2-3 participants per company)




Complimentary Modernization Product: Transform one selected system within your organization using the power of Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Certification: Enhance your team's expertise and credibility.

Masterful Cloud Skillset: Deepen your knowledge of Google Cloud's most innovative tools, including AI, ML, GenAI, Duet AI, and more.

Scalable Infrastructure: Build a secure and flexible cloud foundation for future growth including AI Journey


Program Agenda:


  • Introduction to Digital Transformation in the Cloud
  • Modernization of Legacy Systems
  • AI/Gen AI/ML: Innovative Cloud Tools
  • Building a Secure and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
  • Summary and Presentation of Results


Spaces are limited – register now!


Looking Forward to embarking on this Cloud Journey,



The Google Cloud & Sela AI Cloud Transformation Team