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Securing Your Cloud: Adapting to Modern Threats




Online - Your Comfort Zone | 11:00 am

Security Revolution: Adapting to Modern Threats

Join Sela and Microsoft on November 28th at 11:00 a.m. for a dynamic and informative webinar on security, presented in collaboration with industry leaders: Microsoft, Comvault, and Sela. In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, safeguarding your organization is crucial. Explore the latest cybersecurity trends, Microsoft's dedicated security strategies, data protection solutions from Comvault, and practical security tools presented by Sela. 


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11:00 AM 

✔️ Welcome and Introduction

An overview of the webinar's objectives and a warm welcome to our esteemed speakers


11:10 AM

✔️ The State Of Threat Landscape - Israel & worldwide

Speaker: Itzik Tzalaf, National Security Officer, Microsoft

Discover the latest developments in the cybersecurity landscape and the emerging threats that organizations are facing today.

Learn how Microsoft is dedicated to enhancing security and its business protection strategies.


11:40 AM

✔️Cyber Resilience: A New Paradigm for Enterprise Security

Speaker: Ronnie Kaftal, Director, Sales Engineering. Advanced specialists SaaS and SW International Team, Commvault

Discover how Comvault ensures data protection and provides efficient recovery solutions.


12:00 PM

✔️ Practical Security Tools for Your Organization

Speaker:  Assaf Jacoby, VP , Customer Success, Sela

Assaf will demonstrate practical security tools and strategies you can implement to safeguard your business.


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Online - Your Comfort Zone | 11:00 am