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Herzliya, Alan Turing st, 3. Israel

Level Up Your Cybersecurity with Microsoft and Sela

Join us on April 9 for a day of in-depth learning:

  • Keynote: Discover Microsoft's complete approach to security.
  • Expert sessions: Dive into topics like attack surface management, identity, and data protection.
  • Network & learn: Get insights from leading experts and connect with peers.




09:30-10:00 Gathering


10:00-10:10 Opening and MTC Introduction

Sharon Oliar, Microsoft, MTC Sr Technical Specialist

Assaf Jacoby, Sela, VP, Azure Pod


10:10-10:40 Keynote

Microsoft - The most comprehensive approach to Cyber-Security

Itai Aharonov, Cyber Security Lead, Microsoft



10:40-11:00 Microsoft External Attack Surface Management

Yishai Perry, Sr. System Engineer, Microsoft

Microsoft External Attack Surface Management

See your rapidly changing, global external attack surface in real time with Defender EASM

Multi cloud visibility

Discover unmanaged resources.

Identify exposed weaknesses.



11:00-11:40 Secured Landing Zone Architecture

Sharon Oliar, Microsoft, MTC Sr Technical Specialist

The Importance of Creating a Secured Landing Zone Architecture

Automation based on IaC vs Manual

How to Protect the Infrastructure & Workloads

Consideration of Risk Management, Governance & Compliance

RACI Model, Identities and RBAC


11:50-12:00 Break


12:00-12:30 Secure your development environment:

CNAPP (Cloud Native Adaptive Protection Platform)

DevSecOps (GitHub Advanced security)

Eyal Regev, Principal Cyber Security & Compliance, Microsoft


12:30-13:10 How to secure access to GenAI services

Liron Ratzabi, Sela, Sr Cloud Solutions Architect

Data, privacy, and security


13:10-13:50 Security CoPilot + Threat Intelligent + Identity Security & ZTNA

Entra ID Protection


SSE: Microsoft Entra Internet Access

SSE: Microsoft Entra Private Access

Amatzia Benzimra, Senior Specialist - Cybersecurity, Microsoft



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Herzliya, Alan Turing st, 3. Israel