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Improving Performance Through Managed Monitoring and OpenAI




Sela offices, Ha-Yarkon 2, Bnei Brak, 17th floor

We are pleased to invite you to a Sela. MEETUP

on March 20th | 10:00-12:30  | Sela offices, 17th floor, Ha-Yarkon 2, Bnei Brak

Sela. | Microsoft | Datadog | Commvault


This event is designed to help business owners and IT professionals understand the importance of managed monitoring for improving performance. We will explore the ways that managed monitoring can help identify and address system performance issues, as well as provide recommendations for efficient system operations. Additionally, we will discuss how managed monitoring can be used to identify and prevent potential security threats and data breaches. 


At this event, you'll learn how to leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve better performance, cost reduction, and faster time-to-market. 


You'll also gain insights into how to integrate managed monitoring solutions with OpenAI to maximize the effectiveness of your IT operations. 


You'll hear from industry experts about the latest trends in AI and hear about the potential applications of AI in business operations. 


This event will provide a great opportunity to network with other professionals and learn how to make the most of the new technology available. 


By attending this event, you will gain valuable insights into how to use AI and managed monitoring solutions to optimize your workflow, reduce costs, and improve performance. 


You'll also learn how to use OpenAI to develop and deploy AI applications quickly and efficiently. 


Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use the latest technologies to improve the performance of your IT operations and optimize your workflow. 



10:00-10:30 Welcome and Coffee 

10:30-11:00 Cloud DaaS | Cloud MaaS

Ishai Ram, EVP, Sela

11:00-11:30 The path to Ransomware recovery readiness

Eitan Maaravi, System engineer, Commvault

11:30-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45-12:15 Consolidated monitoring & improved cross-team collaboration

Alex Modilevsky, Senior Account Executive, Datadog

Roni Lif, Account Executive & Team Lead, Datadog

12:15-12:45 Revolutionizing AI: Exploring the Capabilities of OpenAI

Mika Luzon, Solution Area Specialists, Microsoft


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Sela offices, Ha-Yarkon 2, Bnei Brak, 17th floor