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Google Cloud Hero | Gen AI explorer on Google Cloud





Google Office, Yigal Alon St 98, 12th floor, Tel Aviv

📆 March  26

Join Sela and Google Cloud to gain skills through interactive learning in a fun and educational environment. From Gen AI & ML to cloud infrastructure, cost optimization, each game will offer a curated collection of labs relevant to the day’s theme. Play with other attendees and compete for the first place on the leaderboard. Register now to be invited to participate in the upcoming challenges!


Experience level: Intermediate

Please bring your personal laptop and charger.

On this day you can earn a Skill badge by completing the AI Explore Challenge!

In this game, you will train a TensorFlow model locally and on the cloud with Vertex AI and leveraged several new unified platform capabilities, explore the Generative AI Studio in Vertex AI, learned to create and test a prompt, create a conversation, and explore the prompt gallery, and explore the PaLM API in Vertex AI.



Gathering & refreshments


Intro session



Hands on challenges:

  • Vertex AI: Qwik Start 
  • Generative AI with Vertex AI: Getting Started 
  • Generative AI with Vertex AI: Prompt Design 
  • Get Started with Generative AI Studio





Security and IAM Challenge Game

Google Office, Yigal Alon St 98, 12th floor, Tel Aviv