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Build Your Own Gen AI-Powered Vector Search Applications




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Join Sela and Google Cloud for the webinar, "Build Your Own Gen AI-Powered Vector Search Applications with Google Cloud," where we will explore the transformative potential of vector embeddings and how you can leverage them to build next-generation applications. Our expert speakers, Liron Mankali, Partner Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, and Liron Ratzabi, SW Architect at Sela, will delve into the practical aspects of using pre-trained Geb AI models, customizing vector embeddings, and integrating with scalable storage solutions. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to harness the power of vector search and build applications that can revolutionize your industry.

Key takeaways:

Understand the fundamentals of vector embeddings and their applications

Discover how Google Cloud's solutions can empower you to build AI-driven vector search applications

Learn how to utilize pre-trained Geb AI models and customize vector embeddings

Gain insights into integrating vector search with scalable storage solutions



11:00 Welcome and Introduction

11:10 Unlocking the Power of Vector Search with Google Cloud

Discover how to build AI-powered vector search applications with Google Cloud

Liron Ratzabi, SW Architect at Sela

11:35 Top main areas of GenAI by use cases
Liron Mankali, Partner Customer Engineer, Google Cloud



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Online: Your Comfort Zone