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Diamond Program

Sela's Program for Securing Top Software Development Talent

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the task of finding and retaining proficient software developers has grown increasingly challenging. However, at Sela, we have devised an ambitious initiative to overcome this obstacle and easily attract new top-tier developers. Our program is designed to recruit highly qualified candidates and gain their commitment to joining our ranks.

Through our rigorous selection process, we identify the most promising potential developers in the industry. Once selected, these candidates embark on an intensive 15 month program that offers real-world, hands-on technology training. This comprehensive training equips them with the skills and understanding of cutting-edge technologies' complexities.

Our goal is to not only find but also retain these exceptional talents in the long run. By providing an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and continuous learning, Sela ensures that our developers thrive and remain at the forefront of the software development industry.


The Diamond Course Overview

The Diamond Course spans one year and three months, with classes held four days a week, and includes a comprehensive psychometric test.

Upon completion of this course, participants are equipped with the skills to become proficient software developers.

The funding for this program is provided jointly by the department and the Ministry of Defense's fund for discharged soldiers.

Enrolled soldiers embark on the course during the last three months of their service, allowing a smooth transition into their post-military careers.

Upon graduation, approximately 75% of the participants successfully integrate into leading high-tech companies within the economy.

To facilitate this process, the "Sela Training Center", a valued partner in the project, collaborates closely to place the fighters in renowned companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Mobilei, Rafael, Elbit, IAS, and other esteemed organizations.


Program Benefits

Enhanced Engagement
Throughout the planning phase, Sela fosters personal and professional connections with the fighters, allowing us to pre-recruit 20 individuals tailored to your company's specific requirements.

Customized Technological Course
You have the power to shape the content of the technological course, ensuring that it precisely aligns with your company's unique needs and focuses on relevant topics.

Employment Stability
Once the collaboration begins, you can count on a stable workforce for a duration of two years, securing continuity and consistent performance.

Risk-Free Trial
Experience the program's advantages firsthand with a complimentary two-week trial, enabling you to evaluate its potential benefits before making any commitments.

Transparent Pricing
Know the pricing for both year one and year two in advance, providing your company with financial predictability and control.

Community Contribution
By participating in the program, your company contributes to the growth and development of the broader community, making a positive impact beyond your organization.

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