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Software development engineer for simulators


About us:

We are international Multi-Cloud experts, utilizing the power of the cloud for smart digital transformation. With 5 sites over 4 continents around the globe, +450 experts, +1000 customers, and +30 years of proven experience, our mission is to deliver the best Multi-Cloud service to our customers, accelerate their business and help them grow. As tech-savvies, To help our customers stay on top of their game, our teams are constantly developing new strategies and tools that will help them improve cloud performance, spending, visibility, control, and automation. Our cloud experts will make any digital transformation a quick, smart, and easy process

What You'll Do:

  • Development in C and C++ language, work in Windows environment and familiarity with RT work environments.
  • Work on remote control systems, multiple communication protocols such as TCP, serial, MAXBUS, etc.
  • Development of advanced training systems in the AGILE methodology with work with different disciplines both inside and outside the manager.
  • Working in a project software development team, working on several projects at the same time.


  • At least 5 years of experience in C++ development in the VS environment – a must
  • Bachelor's degree in exact sciences - a significant advantage
  • Experience with TCP\UDP communication protocols - an advantage
  • Knowledge of HLA\DIS\CIGI trainers' protocols - an advantage
  • Experience with MAC company products - an advantage
  • Experience working with QT
  • Experience in developing DIRECTX\OPENGL contract engines - an advantage