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Well-Architected Review

Are you AWS Well-Architected?

Use our half-day review to deep-dive into your AWS environment, identify areas of improvement, and align with AWS best practices.

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What is Well-Architected?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) designed the Well-Architected Review as a way for organizations to reflect on the most relevant best practices to their AWS workload. As the cloud is constantly evolving, this review helps your leadership identify opportunities for cost optimization, improved security, automation, and other cloud considerations.


What companies should consider a review?
Performing a review is a great way for any company with AWS architecture to double check their assumptions, optimize their infrastructure, and ensure that all best practices are followed. As the cloud is constantly evolving, your cloud journey towards excellence should be an ongoing process.


What does the review cost?
For qualified workloads, our team will perform the review for a total of $5,000. And if you decide to work with us after the review, AWS may contribute credits to help defray costs. Reach out here to see if your workload qualifies.


How does a review work?
We work with your leadership to define success criteria and how AWS fits into your overall strategy. Our team then works with your team to understand current processes and the architecture of your workload. After 1-3 days of our team analyzing your workload, we will present our findings to all stakeholders in the form of a report with specific recommendations and steps for remediation and cost savings.


Initial Review

Identify the workload for review.
Then answer a series of questions about your architecture against the five pillars established by the Well-Architected Framework.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes


Well-Architected Review

Use the AWS Well-Architected tool to deep-dive into your workload. We talk directly to people involved with maintaining and developing your current environment to get a 360-degree view of your process.

Time Commitment: 2 hours


Findings + Reports

We will present an analysis document outlining all review findings, recommendations, and remediation steps for high risk issues and cost savings.

Time Commitment: 1 hour


Potential funding from AWS to remediate issues

After the review is complete, you can decide if you'd like our help with remediating issues or if you'd prefer to handle internally. If you decide to enlist our help, AWS may contribute credits to defray costs.

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