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AWS Lambda

Our team is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has expertise in designing cloud architecture using AWS Lambda.

What is AWS Lambda?
AWS Lambda gives customers the ability to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Cost is determined by compute time and there is no charge when code is not running.

What use case is AWS Lambda best for?
AWS Lambda gives customers the ability to design architecture that is pluggable, cost-efficient, highly available, and resilient. An example use cases is processing big data, as Lambda can pull from hundreds of data sources used by your system. Other use cases include building mobile back-ends, handlers that can compress data before sending to S3, and transforming data in response to events.

What kinds of workloads has the Foresight team built on Lambda?
The Foresight team has deep and wide expertise with AWS Lambda. In the past, we have built:

  • Distributed Workloads with AWS Step Functions with AWS Lambda based backends
  • Edge server-side rendered web applications powered by Cloudfront and Lambda@Edge
  • AWS Lambda based RESTful and GraphQL services exposed behind API Gateway endpoints
  • Lambda based workloads to execute tasks on schedules and in response to events in event driven systems
  • Lambda based message queue and stream processors for your SQS and Kinesis based integrations
  • Interactive realtime web socket based applications using Lambda based message handlers exposed behind API gateway endpoints
  • Highly secure VPC based lambda functions that route traffic via network interfaces in your secure networks following restrictive Security Group, Network ACL, and Network Firewall rules
  • Lambda based log forwarders to OpenSearch and other log search solutions.

What Infrastructure-as-Code tools does the the Foresight team use to build serverless workloads?
The Foresight team has built serverless workloads with a variety of serverless tool-chains including:

  • SAM
  • Terraform
  • Serverless Framework
  • Claudia
  • Chalice
  • Pulumi

If you need help choosing a tool-chain, let us know. If you need us to fit into your tool-chain, we can do that too!

Which industries use AWS Lambda?
AWS Lambda is used by a variety of industries. We've implemented Lambda for teams in the sectors of Education, FinTech, Transportation, Healthcare, and more.