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SecOps as a Service

The security operations (SecOps) team at Sela can ease the burden on your internal security with reliable cloud SecOps services. You can save time and money by leaving key security functions to experts with the resources and tools to protect your business as effectively as possible. Let the Cloud Security Experts at Sela safeguard your cloud infrastructure against the growing threat of data breaches and other attacks.

Get the specific protection you need

When you choose Sela for your cloud security, you gain access to a comprehensive range of services. Our certified cloud security professionals work with systems of all kinds, ensuring that you get the specific protection and support that you need. We can fulfill all of your cloud security needs with these professional services.


Cloud Security Services With Sela

Continuous Monitoring

Your cloud infrastructure and applications are always at risk of potential attack. 24/7 monitoring from Sela provides active protection against all threats, maintaining the integrity and security you need to prevent data breaches and keep your systems running.

Multiple layers of intrusion detection for inbound and outbound traffic enable rapid action on any suspicious activities, whether unauthorized access, suspicious files, or other threats. You can always know the current state of your cloud security and prevent undetected intrusion from causing significant damage.

Security Compliance

Every business faces specific security compliance regulations. Customer, employee, and vendor data must be protected to specific standards. In some industries, such as healthcare, there is an even higher standard and more severe penalties.

Sela can help your organization maintain security compliance in all of your cloud applications. Email security, encryption, identity and access management, and other cloud security services prevent unauthorized access or breach of sensitive data, protecting your business from the ensuing consequences.

Risk Management

The SecOps team at Sela can carry out an extensive evaluation of your cloud infrastructure to provide a risk management assessment highlighting potential threats. We have the skills and resources to provide a comprehensive overview of potential threats in any type of system.

With that knowledge, our team can provide key recommendations and implement specific solutions to mitigate those risks. You can ensure that your business always enjoys the latest protection and stays in line with all relevant cloud risk management and controls standards.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection is vital to cloud computing, providing security for the computers and devices you use to access your company’s cloud infrastructure. Prevent unauthorized access and the spread of malicious software to and from your cloud infrastructure.

The right antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall software also provide increased endpoint protection, preventing intentional or accidental infection of your vital cloud infrastructure. Sela provides security at every cloud solution level, ensuring comprehensive protection.


With Sela, you can take advantage of SecOps-as-a-Service to maintain security for your cloud infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of our attractive service model. Your cloud security solutions will scale seamlessly with your organization, giving you the security to grow confidently.

You can also enjoy further savings by knowing that you only pay for the key services you really need. Our SecOps-as-a-Service is tailored to your unique needs so that your cloud infrastructure always has the precise services to fulfill its security requirements.

Custom Security Solutions for Your Unique Needs

The team at Sela will work with you to ensure that the cloud security solutions you receive are right for your business. Whether you’re in need of multi-cloud security, DevSecOps, or other specialty security solutions, we can develop a solution that meets those needs. You can contact our team today for a consultation with one of our experts to find out more.


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