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Offering courses and focusing on cloud enablement and digital transformation

Our team in Singapore

Sela Technologies Pte Ltd is our local branch in Singapore. We have been active in Singapore for over a decade. Our Singapore team started by offering courses and focusing on cloud enablement and digital transformation. Our leaders who drive our Singapore teams - Dr Ori Sasson and Mr Riwut Libinuko- are both Singapore citizens. With over 20 years of experience nurturing local entities and working closely with Singapore's public sector, Dr Sasson was conferred the Public Service Medal by the President of Singapore in 2014. He is also the founder of a global cyber intelligence company with vast experience in cloud-related businesses. Mr Riwut Libinuko is an expert cloud architect and successfully delivered cloud services in Singapore's public sector. Under his leadership, our team delivered Dynamic 365 integration to GCC Azure, known for stringent security requirements. He is a local azure community leader and Microsoft MVP.