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Future Trends and Innovations in MultiCluster Management




10 AM IST | Online: Your Comfort Zone

Join Sela and Google Cloud for this comprehensive exploration of GKE MultiCluster, where we aim to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the full potential of Google Cloud's Kubernetes Engine in a multi-cluster environment. Whether you're a seasoned cloud professional or just starting your journey, this webinar promises valuable insights and practical guidance for optimizing your containerized workloads.



10:00 Welcome

10:10  MultiCluster GKE

🗣️ Noam Amrani, DevOps Chief Architect and (consultants) Group Manager, Sela

If global backend Kubernetes service is what you need, join me in overviewing GKE MultiCluster networking, where we will cover MultiCluster Services, Gateway and Ingress

Unveiling GKE Multi-Cluster Networking: A Gateway to Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility in Cloud Computing. Dive into this essential guide to understand how Google Kubernetes Engine's advanced networking solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses manage and scale their cloud infrastructures, offering unparalleled resilience and operational efficiency

10:40 Utilizing GKE Enterprise Tools for Efficient GKE Multi-Cluster Management 

🗣️ Yonit Gruber-Hazani, Cloud Tech Expert and Leader, Google Cloud 

Discover how to manage your entire cluster as a fleet and establish centralized security and workload configurations with Config Sync, Policy Controller and Config Connector.


10 AM IST | Online: Your Comfort Zone